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Founded by Matthew Moreno, Purify Global was initially established to provide disinfecting services to keep friends, family and loved ones safe. As the demand for disinfection rose, so did the need to provide the services to those in the community who needed it. In the end, Matthew and his team decided to offer flexible options and packages for anyone, whether it was a homeowner, business owner, schools, churches, municipalities, commercial fleet of vehicles, or any other establishment.
In their effort to provide what was cutting edge, they have created an effective model that has branched out into other types of services such as Done-For-You Business Boxes, Cleaning and Disinfecting Service Packages and more.

our mission

At Purify Global, we give the highest quality of cleaning and disinfecting services available by going beyond the expectations of our clients. It is our mission to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for residential areas and businesses.
Our goal is to lead by example and maintain the best practices and highest standards in the field of cleaning and disinfecting by purifying spaces one space at a time.
We aim to provide excellence in terms of customer service by developing service packages tailored to fit our clients’ cleaning and disinfecting needs. Furthermore, we offer a Done-For-You Business Box to aspiring and existing business owners who need help in either starting up or reviving their business.

our vision

We envision helping communities and the coming generations feel safer and secured through the model that we have constructed that gives top-notch and dependable cleaning and disinfecting services. Our vision is to plant over 500 more businesses nationwide, extending our capacity to reach more individuals and attain not only a safe and healthy environment but also be financially stable.





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Select among our specialized services available.

cleaning services

We offer commercial cleaning services for business facilities of any size and configuration. We offer fast, efficient, and affordable services customized to meet your needs. We use green cleaning solutions and have a turnkey process to provide a clean business and a great customer experience.

disinfecting services

Our custom line of environmentally friendly chemicals and disinfecting equipment provide the quickest and most effective disinfecting of your space. Keep your business operating at at maximum efficiency with by having a disinfecting process in place to keep your staff and clients happy and safe.

consulting services

We provide a proven business model that will enable anyone to establish their own cleaning and disinfecting business today. Learn from a group that has solved all the problems that you will face and allow you get to where you want to be quickly without having to waste a lot of time and money.

who we serve

We value the importance of your safety and protection by offering cleaning services that also prioritizes disinfection. We have green cleaning solutions and our cleaning processes will leave your business cleaner and fresher than ever before. We offer service to many industries, including the following:

start your own business today

Owning and building a business has never been more possible due to mentorship and consulting programs like ours. Our Consulting Program will enable you to launch or scale your cleaning and disinfecting business within 30 days.