It went great and I know that my team and my guests appreciate it. I certainly feel more comfortable. The process was easy, the process was thorough, and I am super excited to continue to leverage your services and keep my people and my guests safe
Chick-Fil-A-CiceroJimmer Szatkowski
Franchise Owner
Working with Matt has been great. He helped me find the right fogger and virus killing product to implement a self cleaning regiment in my IT company and Co-work Space. This was very important to be able to open up our Co-work space safely and bring back customers. Now I can proactively clean the space just the way hospitals have been cleaning against viruses long before the novel coronavirus emerged.
US itekDavid Stinner
Founder and President
Purify Global has disinfected the entire dealership including our service round-up area, waiting room, showroom, and even our loan-a-cars with EPA-approved non hazardous chemical that is specifically designed to kill the CoronaVirus.
Garber Subaru ChevroletJoel Williams
Managing Partner
Matt from Purify Global responded to our call very quickly and was able to accommodate the time frame we set. The team member who actually did the work was on time and worked like he owned the company. I recommend this company 100%. David Castaldo Support services Director St. Camillus RHCF
The Center at Saint CamillusDavid Castaldo
Director of Support Services
We disinfected the whole warehouse to make sure we didn't miss anything that was contaminated with any harmful bacteria or viruses. Especially during these times where our employees and staff are the most essential and we are concerned with the health of each and everyone. We want to give peace of mind and make them comfortable every time they enter and work with us.
Farmer Jon's Popcorn Peter Casyn
Purify Global is very professional in addressing their service to us. Since we are very particular with the service we give to our customers, we want to make sure that our showroom/office is not just presentable but also very well sanitized and clean. Purify Global helped us achieve what we want. We are satisfied with their performance from the start to finish. They put so much effort and I admire their process in doing the job. The execution from wearing PPEs to entering the area to the disinfection part; and also we appreciate so much on how they informed us on what to do before, during and after the disinfection.
Towne BMWDan Downing
President of Towne Automotive Group
Awesome service. Just bought their premium disinfection package for my gym. Matt was very transparent and well natured. Instead of trying to sell me his disinfecting services (not sustainable cost wise for my business) he went out of his way to teach me and my staff on how to properly use the equipment and disinfectants. He also taught me how to read a SDS sheet for disinfectants. I was using lemonX by zep (my local fire department told me to use it) and man, it really is a dangerous product. With purify global package I get a eco friendly and bio degradable disinfectant that will keep my gym germ free and safe for all of my clients. Thank you Matt and team!
Apache Pest ControlJoel Amores
It was a great experience. They went from ceiling to floor, all the bottles, everything got disinfected. It smelled fresh and clean. It took only about 15 minutes and afterwards we had customers coming in and saying how clean and fresh our stores smell.
Fowler's Canaltown Wines and SpiritCathy Christ
We are grateful to the Purify Global team for making sure that all bottles were disinfected. We couldn't operate well if we aren't even sure if our place and products won't harm anyone visiting our store. May it be us or the customers who are directly in contact with us or the products, we just want to make sure that neither of us would get contracted with viruses or any bacterias. All in all, we love the great service and we highly recommend Purify Global to all companies which are also like us and gift our customers and staff the health security that they deserve.
Four Seasons Wine and Spirits Bill Slocum
The process went smoothly. When they arrived, the team that conducted the disinfection were all wearing protective gear and PPEs, all complete and instructed us on what to do while they were disinfecting the place from ceiling, walls, doorknobs and even the unnoticeable areas were also disinfected.
High Line Motor CarsMark Palumbo
Matthew, the CEO of Purify Global really did a great job teaching and being so hands on with the team disinfecting the area. We could say that we are in good hands knowing that the team that conducted the disinfection knew what to do and meticulously performed the job. We are very pleased to recommend them without hesitation.
Ridgeview Motors Michael Marcucci
Handling a food business is much harder because we need to make sure that every single thing we serve and use is clean. Today, we decided to contact Purify Global to conduct a disinfection service to our store and I am glad they were one call away and how fast they responded to my request. Every part inside our store is well disinfected. We love their service very much!
Salvatore's PizzaSilvio Fantauzzo
Without the equipment of Purify Global, we didn't feel like we could accomplish, even with diligent effort, what they could. The other piece to that was absolutely the peace of mind.
Brittany Jencik
The company was great! Came right away to our house to disinfect everything after we had COVID. Loved having it done for me and peace of mind after everything was cleaned. Thank you!
Lauren Halaris
We needed our Dads house disinfected in a hurry. After getting quotes from a few other company’s we called purify global. Not only were they available much faster than other companies but the price was way more reasonable as well. Due to the severity of our situation they came out that day! Matt and Lonnie helped us out tremendously and I can’t recommend them enough
Pat Dwyer

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