COVID-19: Why Are There So Many Cases in New York

new york cross walk with people on mask

NEW YORK, USA — New York is being hit the hardest with the coronavirus outbreak with having more cases than any other country and accounts for nearly half of all the cases in the United States. The question is: why was this the case? Vulnerability of New York As of May 11, 2020, there have […]

What We Can Learn From the Eradication of Smallpox 40 Years Ago in This Pandemic

smallpox victims resisting hospitalization

The message from today’s World Health Organization (WHO) briefing, one held on the 40th anniversary of the eradication of smallpox, was clear: A vaccine alone won’t conquer COVID-19. From humanity’s experience of conquering smallpox, there are lessons we can learn from to hopefully conquer the coronavirus as well. Smallpox was a devastating virus that devastated […]

Food Shopping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Inforgraphic Food Shopping

Currently, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging. However, it is always important to follow good hygiene practices when handling or preparing foods. You should always wash your hands and surfaces often, separate raw meat from other foods, cook to the right temperature and put food in the […]

How to Stay Safe When Driving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Disinfecting Car

The COVID-19 (currently known as the Novel Coronavirus) pandemic is the biggest issue the world has faced so far. It has affected over a million people worldwide and the numbers are growing day by day. The best way to flatten the curve is by staying at home as much as possible and practicing social distancing. […]

Things To Remember Before Opening Your Business Again After Quarantine

Disinfecting Office

COVID-19 has definitely affected our daily lives in more ways than one. Non-essential businesses have closed and employers are growing more anxious each day. What will happen to my business? How will my employees survive this crisis? Though it seems that cases are still piling up, there is a nationwide cry to ease up on […]

COVID-19 and KIDS: For the Parents

woman sanitizing children's hand

Experts are still learning about COVID-19, and the lack of information is one of the top causes of concern, especially among parents. So far, what we know is most reported cases of the coronavirus is among adults. Children who do have it are either already immuno-compromised or are getting a milder version of the disease. […]